Neko Geeks- it's not just an NFT

  • Project Name / Organization: Neko Geeks

  • Project Description: Neko Geeks aims to develop new applications for NFTs and introduce a new way of generating incentives by social media activities. By holding Neko NFTs you will automatically been a part of the new movement that is going to happen. Neko Geeks NFTs is a cat based anime inspired design that will start to crawl on Aptos Ecosystem

  • Milestones with Deliverables + Timeline: The team is currrently developing the website and since Aptos already launch it’s mainnet, our NFTs will have an sneak peek reveal by on the following days when our website is launched.

  • Team: We’re a total of 5 people that are developers, cryptocurrency enthusiast and marketing specialist since 2017

OG and Whitelisting Coming Soon stay tuned


Fantastic and welcome to the great community

Can’t wait to see how it goes

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You are welcome to our great community Femzyblaze

We started our OG and WL interaction event don’t miss this out

im so apretiate for it, thank you

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