Need Defi on Aptos for growth

Aptos has been growing tremendously in the past few weeks. Major interest in the Aptos ecosystem seems to be in the NFT marketplace and airdrops. This is mainly just speculation and hopium, in fact, almost the whole crypto marketplace is mostly speculation and hopium but the other small part of crypto has real useful products like Defi, Real World Assets (RWA), decentralized cloud storage (e.g Arweave) etc which makes it sustainable for long term as only speculation will create a bubble soon to be popped.

Here, I will talk about defi. Aptos really needs a great defi ecosystem for people to take interest. Just speculation like NFT trading ain’t gonna do it. Real adoption needs real use cases and value. Recently there has been a huge surge of interest in leverage trading platforms (e.g. Gmx, Gns) and liquid staking derivatives platforms (e.g. Pendle, Thena). Building these types of platforms on Aptos can drive huge adoption and liquidity.

When liquidity starts flowing and people start taking interest, you know what happens next? Meme coins. Again, speculation. After all, people love gambling so when there’s speculation, there will be interest. Well, speculation is not bad when there are also real products in the ecosystem, but ONLY speculation without any real products is terrible. A combination of Defi ecosystem and meme coins is important to generate interest amongst the crypto community. I feel, Aptos Foundation should specifically support the defi ecosystem first as defi is the backbone of every blockchain and will drive huge adoption.

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