NCX Exchange ⭐️ Reward 2000 $NCXT for All Users

:lollipop: NCX Exchange Airdrop
:star: Reward 2000 $NCXT ($60)

:heartpulse: KYC Verification Requirement

:arrow_right: Create Account : NCX Exchange
:heavy_minus_sign: Register with email
:heavy_minus_sign: Submit Code 27884844

:heavy_minus_sign: Submit KYC in profile section
:heavy_minus_sign: Click on your profile picture at the top right of the screen
:heavy_minus_sign: Then click on NCXT from the menu
:heavy_minus_sign: Then click on Airdrop
:heavy_minus_sign: Complete Tasks & Submit Screenshots of Completed Tasks
:heavy_minus_sign: Download App from
:heavy_minus_sign: Login With Same Email
:heart: Wait For Token Launch on Exchange

A very important platform


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Waooo great stuff