#NAT project on bitcoin … NON ARBITRARY TOKEN. This is an interesting project, and I will try to write to you about it.

NAT stands for Non Arbitrary Token, which is the first token that was created using Digital Matter Theory, a new method of creating tokens by recognizing patterns in the Bitcoin blockchain data1.

The idea behind NAT is that the tokens are not created out of thin air, but are extracted from the existing data in Bitcoin, which is a reliable, transparent and immutable source. This improves the credibility and predictability of the token economics, and ensures its compatibility with the principles of value preservation that underlie the success of Bitcoin1.

To create NAT, the user must perform a process called Inscription, which involves searching for a specific pattern in the blockchain data, such as a number, a word or a symbol. This pattern represents an Element, and the user can give it a name and get its rights. The elements can be unique or shared, and can be used to create NAT with a supply that depends on the pattern in the element1.

NAT has the property of non-arbitrary expansion, which means that the token supply increases continuously based on the new blockchain data. This opens new doors for creating value and allows the entry of new users through the token economics based on the Bitcoin data1.

To trade with NAT, users can use the Mscribe platform, which is dedicated to NAT, and allows them to create and buy and sell elements and tokens. Users can also benefit from the TAP ecosystem, which connects Bitcoin and other tokens, and uses the $BMT token as a native commodity2.

This is a summary of the $NAT project … NON ARBITRARY TOKEN

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