Myself introducing

Hi community,
I would like to introduce myself to you:
My name is Illia , but could call me DPE :man_detective:
Since 2018 Im in crypto , but in 2018-2020 I wasnt researching project , I was a default user, who was buying some popular crypto stuff or trying to recieve some drops on sites like bountyhunters or using different exchanges like ABCC(popular in 2018), my mane crypto career started in the end of 2020 , when crypto started to devolep with the awesome speed.
So, start of the 2021 Ive strarted studing solidity and trying to make my knowladge about blockchain bigger. Than I have started finding and researching projects, then being a member.
Most popular projects, where I took a part:

Hotcross :pig:
I was a moderator in Hotcross telegram official group.(firstly cadet).

Polker :flower_playing_cards:
I am an active beta testers , who tests and suggests some ideas in this game since Beta 3 release , the game is still in developing.

Optimism :red_circle:
Well known L2 on Ethereum , here I was translator to a Ukranian , Russian and Polish languages, I`ve translated a lot of stuff in their Discord group, and some stuff on Medium , finally they decided to open Ukranian chat in their channel , where I could translate for ukranians , not to a translators group.

So , I found 1kx protocol and I`d like to be an active member of this brilliant community :nerd:

:man_office_worker:t2:Medium: EvilStrike – Medium
:man_office_worker:t2:Discord - Bezus#1860

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You are awesome, Слава Украине


Thank you , Героям Слава!

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