My Strategy for the Next Bull Run

In April 2021 i Sold all my #Bitcoin at 54K, and left Crypto

I actually didn’t plan on coming back, ever.

But then, i caught ear of news, “FTX exchange collapse”

It was instinctual, i knew i had to go all in, and that’s exactly what i did at 16.5K
Let me Show you how…

I’m going to give you 5 steps to train your mind to become an unstoppable investor, making it impossible for you NOT to profit.

here’s how to profit:

  1. Shut them out

here in the crypto, you’re going to get a lot of noise in your ear.

People spout nonsense, with no facts to back it up

The only person you can trust now is you

observe, do not absorb

There is one truth, which is the cold hard facts of long term data

  1. Identify heavy opposition:

Making the right decision at the right time comes when everyone tells you that you are wrong

How did i know that buying at 16.5K was the right Choice?

Because i had comment after comment telling me a recession was coming, Bitcoin to 10K they said

  1. Master Patience:

If you can’t wait in Line at the Grocery store, or get angry when something holds you up, how do expect to make it through years of emotional tests of the ups and downs of Crypto?

Patience will help all aspects of your life.

Better Person, Better Investor

  1. Trust Data:

Data makes a fool of those who oppose it, all in time

To those that trust it, it makes them look like geniuses.

Who Cares what you feel…

Look at the Facts!

Long-term data from MANY Sources will guide you to success

It has never let me down, not once.

  1. Never allow greed in Opportunity:

Your moment will come to buy or sell at the right time, but one overarching ideology will permeate your mind…

What if i could have more?

Better entry, better selling point

Greed will destry at tops and bottoms

Stay humble, choose wisely

Good luck to your journey!

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