My opinion about Aptos airdrop

I am writing my scheme for Aptos, as promised. So to begin with it is worth to say that TVL at Aptos is $42 million, very little, there is room to grow, so you can do. Let’s analyze more safe way (without direct purchase of APT) and more voluminous, but with the purchase of APT, there are pros and cons everywhere.

The first is voluminous. Here I’ve chosen Tortuga (, which I’m waiting for the drop-off most of all and where I want to add most of my volume. Backed by FTX, Jump Crypto, token will be, so I want there.

  1. Let’s buy 50 APT on the exchange, and let’s buy it on the purse.
  2. Swaps on and Aries Markets (most profitable exchange rates).
  3. 50 APT is sold at 7% on tortugafinance → receives tAPT (TVL 4.5 MIL $).
  4. Waiting for airdrop
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And the second way is?)

If this is a good thing to do, lets do it