Multisignature wallet on Aptos

Aptos fam, consider opening a multisignature wallet on M-Safe ( It is similar to a Gnosis Safe on Metamask and is a more secure way to store your funds. The entire process cost me less than 0.25 APT.

Pontem, Martian, and Fewcha wallets allow for the easy addition of new wallet addresses. Activation of a new wallet address requires sending a small amount of APT to your new wallet address for the initial gas fee.

Once the first wallet is activated on M-Safe and 0.1 APT has been sent to the safe, click on the blue hamburger menu at the top right of the M-Safe page and click “pending creation”. This will send a transaction request to the second wallet and incur a small gas fee.

From here you can interact with dapps such as LiquidSwap, Tortuga, Aries, Topaz, etc. from within the multisig wallet. This may be considered in the potential upcoming APT airdrop.


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