Mover Privat Alpha

Ready, set, go!

The moment has come when we launch Mover’s Private Alpha. This is a very important milestone for us and we are looking forward to our first Devnet users.

Each of you has done a great job of inviting users to join Private Alpha and we really appreciate it. Over 100,000 members have signed up for our waitlist and it’s truly amazing.

We are starting to collect Aptos account addresses of Role holders and Waitlist users. Only these accounts will be able to bridge tokens during the Private Alpha

This link will take you to the application.

How to participate

Step 1. Link your Discord

You need to link your Discord account to the email address you used for Private Alpha. To do this, we will send you an email with a unique link and instructions on how to connect. These emails will be sent out very soon and we will also be announcing them on Twitter and Discord. Stay tuned!

After you link your discord, you will receive an XP bonus on CREW3!

Step 2. Use Mover and earn rewards

All Private Alpha Participants will be divided into 5 cohorts:

Mover Champions will get to test first because they are the most engaged members of our community and therefore fully deserve the privilege.

To add wallets to the Whitelist, you need to submit your Aptos wallet address to the #address-submissions channel, and we will add you to a corresponding cohort.

We will set out a specific testing time frame for each cohort. These time periods will be announced on our social networks. Please make sure that you submit your Aptos wallet address before this announcement. Please note that each cohort will be granted access to the bridge only after this announcement.

Please note that participation in the Mover Private Alpha test is mandatory in order to receive rewards from Mover: one must test Private Alpha within their cohort to receive rewards.

We are looking forward to seeing you all bridging! Let’s have fun and start our journey into the cross-chain future of Aptos!


thanks bro for share info


Well done for the good work…


good, great info


Mov3r lounchpad ??? ido???

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me dont like mover project :stuck_out_tongue:

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Its really big project :fire:


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Wow… Can’t wait for tesnet :heart_eyes:

me dont like mover project

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Hello, why please?

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Mover to the moon)


mover - not the best team in regards of community or communication, but man they created a good product.