MoveMarketCap - Move Ecosystem

  • Project Name: MoveMarketCap

  • Project Description:
    We are creating a platform where you can find short information about projects based on Move, prices, charts, capitalization. On our website you can find short information about all the projects launched or working with Aptos & Sui (soon).

  • Value to the Aptos Ecosystem:
    We are not just creating a website with a list of projects, we are creating an entire ecosystem of useful tools and resources for beginners and professionals. On the website you will be able to find absolutely all the necessary information about projects, their price, capitalization and investors.

  • Roadmap:
    Phase 1: Genesis
    :white_check_mark:Social Media Launch
    :white_check_mark:Website Launch
    :white_check_mark:Menu Page Release
    -Sui ecosystem integration

    Phase 2: Web3
    -Adding Prices, Charts

  • Team:
    The project team consists of three people - Kris Moris#8414, kartaviy#9786 and Ragnars#7536 but now we are recruiting new programmers and designers to our team.

    @krismoris Role : Lead of Development, Designer.
    -Experience : For more than 2 years I actively participate in crypto projects and help them by participating in the community. Professional 3D designer, high-level ambassador/moderator in crypto projects : Aleo, Moonbeam Network, InvArch Network, Firefly, Claystack.
    -Key skills : 3D Design, Videos, Animation, Creating Websites, Holding Meetings and Events.
    -Motivation : With a passion for blockchain technology, cryptocurrency, and all financial things, I have both the skill set and professional background necessary to dive deep into the crypto community world. I believe in the technology of parallel execution of transactions thanks to Move, I want to observe and leave my mark on the development of these revolutionary blockchains.
    More information on

    @kartaviy Role : Lead of Content, Researcher, Social Manager.
    -Experience : Professional Ambassador/Moderator/Community Manager in crypto projects: Neon Labs, Moonbeam Network, InvArch. Also I take an active part in the development of the community in Aleo, Aztec Network, Nomad, Subspace Network.
    Most of my experience is the research of protocols, blockchains, I know how to find and analyze projects.
    -Motivation : My experience in cryptocurrency started in 2019, I really liked the technical part of Bitcoin, I understood that this is the future and began to delve into the technologies of other blockchains. I believed in the idea of Polkadot, Ethereum and Diem. After the departure of Diem from the market, I am really interested in looking at the launch of blockchains based on Move. I like to create something useful and I want to help the Aptos & Sui community to go deeper and understand the technical part of Move.

    @ragnars Role: Project and Collab Manager.
    -Experience: Ambassador and Community Manager for many projects such as Neon Labs, Golden Protocol, InvArch, SubSquid, Pontem Network, SubWallet.
    -Skills: communicating with the community, creating videos, translations, infographics, arts.
    -Motivation: I learned about cryptocurrency in 2017 and the first thing I started doing was learning about the technology and the market. A little later, I started investing. I believe very strongly in fundamental projects.
    I spend half my day studying something new in the world of web3, which is very interesting for me.

  • Technical Architecture Overview:
    At the moment there will be two tabs on our website : Home (soon), Projects.

    Home : The main page of our website, which will publish the latest news from the Aptos & Sui ecosystem, introductory information in Move & Guides on how to participate in various activities, new projects and information about the market.

    Projects : Our platform currently contains more than 80 projects that have already launched in Devnet or are planning to launch on Aptos after launching in the mainnet. We are currently working on supporting Sui blockchain-based projects. All projects contain brief information about their technology, links to their social networks, and a timeline of recent tweets from Twitter. Also, all projects are categorized, the user can select a category and see the entire list of projects.
    At the moment MoveMarketCap supports 9 categories: DeFi, DEX, NFT, Wallet, Bridge, Launchpad, DAO, Bridge, Tools, Infrastructure. With the growing number of projects on Aptos & Sui, new categories will appear.

    Submit project : If you have a project based on Aptos or Sui and want it to be added to our platform, you need to fill out a form with all the information about your project, you can fill out the form by clicking on “Submit Project”.

Our social media: Twitter, Telegram, Medium.


I like you idea :star_struck: :star_struck:


Coinmarketcap of the new generation of blockchain! Let’s support it’s development! It will become great investment in ecosystem of aptos.


Thank you all, we will continue to work on the MoveMarketCap and help develop Aptos.
So stay tuned =)


You guys have a good idea! I’ll keep an eye on you.

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We’ll be adding a Home page and Sui Ecosystem in the near future, so stay tuned😉

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Топчик, что сказать. :grinning:


I present to you the release of the Home page! :star_struck:


were i can fine that page?

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Actually, this is the main page of :sunglasses:


thanks apreciate :muscle:t5: :point_right:t5:

Great things on it’s way, very superfluous and innovative


nice one sir

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Thank you we are developing our project further, thank you for your support :handshake: it is very important to us :rocket:


sounds good

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Our first 1000 followers + our plans for the near future :point_down:

• MoveTalks - Big season of AMA Sessions with projects based on Move.
• Sui Ecosystem Integration

Partnership with DotOracle Team :point_down:

• Partnership Announcement
• DotOracle Technology
• Products of DotOracle
• Oracle Network Bridge
• DTO Token
• Investors


We are already supported by projects such as :
DotOracle -
Pontem Network -
Blue Move -
HoustonSwap -
Tsunami Finance -
Enchanter Finance -
Aptocent -
And that’s just the beginning!


Lets gooooooo :star_struck:

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congratulations :ok_hand:


Thank you, now our target is 10k and in the future 100k :rocket: