MoveDAO Project Plan

  1. Object Name / Organization


  1. Project Description

MoveDAO is the first decentralized organization initiated by the Chinese community in the Move ecosystem, focusing on talent cultivation, language development and project incubation in the Move language.

  1. Why are we doing this project and what pain points are we solving?

Aptos (including other move public chains) is a public chain built on a new language (move), and the move language development talents have become the biggest shortcoming restricting the entire public chain ecology. According to public reports, the hourly salary of Move engineers has even soared to 1200$/Hr. Although this is a boon for Move engineers, it also reflects the fact that there is a lack of relevant talents.

The lack of basic language talents is not friendly to the long-term development of the entire Aptos ecosystem.

The lack of core language talents has led to the slow development of the public chain ecosystem, which has been verified on IC (International Computer).

  1. Our goal

Our goal is to become the largest talent and project incubation organization in the Move language ecosystem.

  1. Value Proposition to the Aptos Ecosystem

By gathering and cultivating Move language talents, MoveDAO allows more senior programmers and software engineers to know Move, learn Move, and deliver value to Aptos and other public chain ecosystems to solve the imbalance of talent supply and demand in the market.

At the same time, we will organize project members to conduct project incubation, Web3 project development and promotion, Move language plug-in development and other businesses in the form of project proposals, to provide a package of solutions for ecological project parties.

  1. Development status and future plans

How is the project progressing now?

Move Dao is a young organization, and it has only been ten days since its inception. Driven by the concept of DAO, we have gathered more than a dozen core members, mainly programmers and software engineers. Without any capital investment, we almost completed the Chinese translation of “The Move Book” (including “Move Tutorial”) through voluntary principles.

What are the plans for the future?

Short-term plan: We will focus on more teaching content output, including more in-depth practical project tutorials, and continuous content distribution on multimedia and multiple platforms.

Long-term plan: We will expand: project incubation, basic research of move language, WEB3 project development, etc.

  1. Our team

The nature of our organization - Why DAO?

The educational commerciality of Move language is not obvious at present, but it is a very meaningful work. Adopting the traditional entrepreneurial team model will inevitably affect the sustainable development of the project because of the business model.

Our DAO members, the initial members are a group of programmers and engineers who are willing to learn and research MOVE, and contribute their time and knowledge purely out of interest and career development. At the same time, in the communication with other team members, learn to improve their MOVE language development ability.

The team members responsible for publicity in the DAO will promote the results produced by these team members as much as possible, let more people know about Move, and join the community to realize the self-growth of community talents and knowledge.

Knowledge output and getting feedback become the core mode of our DAO. This model will reduce our dependence on external funds and avoid losing momentum without external financial support.

Who are the members of the team?

The Move team is a decentralized vision-driven education and technology community. Currently, the community has more than 20 members, consisting of senior developers, product managers, and community operation talents from WEB2 and WEB3. There is no CEO or CFO in the traditional sense, and community management is in charge of members elected by the community and rotated regularly.

Unlike other start-up teams, the main members of our team are technical workers.

  • lshoo

Senior architect, blockchain researcher, technology enthusiast and preacher. 15 + years of Internet industry development, 2 years of blockchain experience, and recently focused on move and aptos+sui ecology

  • Ruyisu

Amazon AWS Senior Software Engineer、blockchain technology enthusiast、5 + years of Internet industry development experience

  • Tom

Entrepreneurial consultant, data analyst, good at product construction and data analysis. 3 years of research experience in the field of Web3, programming enthusiast.

  • Container

A graduate student of computer science and technology in a 985 school, whose main research direction is NLP, has one and a half years of blockchain experience.

  • Gordon

7 years of backend development experience,3 years of blockchain development experience, participated in Near ecological project contract code contribution,SGX trusted computing code contribution and zero knowledge proof circuit code contribution.

  • Kusou1

Once worked in an education company and a United States company,produced official websites and shopping malls for operation and promotion from 0 to 1 for North American Medical and American projects, has rich front-end experience and is familiar with 2D and 3D visualization

简历:简历 - 张少宏的博客 | Kusou1 Blog

  • stephen:

Four years of working experience in large domestic manufacturers, blockchain learner, currently focuses on learning move and Aptos

  • 肖川

Finx wallet China mod, senior blockchain practitioner

  • k8sssss

Security operation engineer, blockchain technology hobby,5 + years of Internet security operation experience,1 year of blockchain experience, and recently focused on move and aptos+sui ecology

  • 梁(Liang)

I have worked in the back-end and algorithm for ten years, worked in Baidu and meituan, participated in startups, and paid attention to blockchain technology for a long time.

  • moon

2 years + Internet industry development experience, 3 years + financial industry development experience

  • Boyu

Organizer and Aptos Coordinator

Our team structure and how does it work?

The core of our team is the various task groups, and the management group is the group responsible for managing and coordinating the project. In an organization, everyone is equal, with only the difference in function. The system is the basis for the orderly operation and development of the entire team.

What are the characteristics of our organization (DAO)?

  • There is no employment relationship here, and everyone’s contribution is equal to the harvest.

  • The benefits (including cash profits, token rewards, etc.) of each member are distributed according to the workload.

  • The labor of each member is considered voluntary and risky. There may be excess returns, but there may also be no returns.

  • The organization is open, come and go freely. The withdrawing member shall not cancel his right to enjoy his due dividends because of his withdrawal. Members who quit can rejoin the DAO.

  • Every official member has the right to initiate a proposal.

  • Each member has the duty and responsibility to keep the trade secrets of the organization confidential. The organization has the right to initiate a commercial lawsuit against team members for leaking secrets.

8.Our Development Driven Model

The core model of our DAO is knowledge output and knowledge feedback. Although MoveDAO’s organization and business are of a very public nature. However, we encourage the establishment of commercial cooperation with projects in the form of community proposals. For example, talent push, project construction assistance, project incubation, etc. We will return the income generated by these business cooperation to all DAO members in the form of dividends, so that members can obtain business returns through value output.

  1. Our stage development plan

At present, we have formulated phased development goals:

  1. Risks and Challenges

In the long run, whether members of the community can turn their professional knowledge (MOVE language skills) into professional advantages or business interests will be the key to community development.

If the development of the public chain project of the move ecology is not ideal, or if it cannot form an effective interaction with the community, it will have a relatively negative impact on the development of the community.

In view of this, we hope to receive financial and policy support from the ecological side, so that the development of the talent community and the ecological development of the project can form a virtuous circle.


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The move book translation is complete.


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Update: Today MoveDAO attend BuidlerDAOs TwitterSpace with Souffl3, NonceGeekDAO, 3NJOY Labs, ChainX talking about Aptos and the advantages of Move.

On average there were 150 people listening, at one point even 175.


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