Move & Workshop Summaries

:bulb:Here will be posted infographics from Move Mondays and Workshop Wednesdays
I’ve started to post it from June 13, many times i’ve updated posts and now I think it looks like MainNet :sweat_smile: My previous summaries you can check in special discord thread (from general chat)

:heart: I use @kant1742 translation and @anna_maria background :heart:

:zap: The pictures will change and improve. In the future I would like to create a team and do it together in all the languages that are in demand! :zap:


Move Monday 1.08.2022


Nice! did you translate this info to russian?

Not yet :innocent:
I speak ukrainian and russian. So, stay tuned :slightly_smiling_face:

This is the work of the Kant project

I think we need to create infographics too.
I mean not only text :face_with_peeking_eye:

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Thank you for the useful information!

I have been watching your work for a long time. they get better and better. Thanks for the helpful contribution to the community.

This is good work for the community!

I’m just trying to say that the contributions to Kant’s project should be in the appropriate topic. Of course, we are not against infographics. That’s why we are preparing the text + background :heart:

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this infographic is eye-catching!

don’t forget to add translations! You are very active members of the community guys, you help the project in promotion

Aptos Move Monday 8 August, 2022.

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Aptos Workshop Wednesday 10 August, 2022.

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When online workshop sir

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Already been yesterday …… keep your :eye: on announcements, and make server notifications on :bell: Workshops Wednesday - every time - same time )

Aptos Move Monday 15 August,2022.