Move Name Service | Mapping human-readable name to wallet address & Providing ID layer to Aptos

Hello, Aptos. I am Oliver.
Please read the contents bellow.
I want you to know about our service MNS, and let’s discuss how to improve the Aptos ecosystem.

Table of Contents

  • Project Name
  • Project Description
  • Value Proposition to the Aptos Ecosystem
  • Milestones with Deliverables + Timeline
  • Team: Skills, Experience & Motivation
  • Technical Architecture Overview
  • Key Risks & Challenges

:rocket:Project Name

Move Name Service (MNS)

Follow us for more updates including devnet release announcement!

:rocket:Project Description

MNS is A naming system based on the Aptos blockchain.
MNS maps human-readable names like “satoshi.move” to a machine-readable identifiers such as Aptos address.

Introduction of how to use:

  1. Connect your wallet.

  1. Search for your favorite name in our service. Then, click search button.

  1. If your favorite name is not acquired by anyone else, our service tell you it’s available.

  1. Click buy now button to mint the name NFT.

By the way above, you can get your MNS name, and MNS maps the human-readable name you got to your Aptos address.
When someone else send token to your address, they will be able to enter the name you obtained in the recipient field of their wallet.

At this point of time, we are thinking of adding three more functions to MNS.

  • Hosting your website on IPFS with MNS name as a site domain
  • Creating sub-domains
  • Enabling users to use MNS names on other chains on the Move ecosystem

The reasons why we plan to introduce these three features is explained in the following sections.

:rocket:Value Proposition to the Aptos Ecosystem

MNS provides three major values to the Aptos ecosystem.

  1. Mapping Human-readable names to the Aptos address
  2. Decentralizing websites
  3. Letting the entire Move ecosystem flourish, and increase the number of Move developers

1. Mapping Human-readable names to the Aptos address

By MNS, users can buy and manage their own names, so secure transactions can take place without having to deal with long and complex addresses. It reduces the likelihood of any input errors when typing out the recipient’s address to send funds. MNS enables the Aptos users to interact with each other very smoothly and the Aptos ecosystem can be used easily not only by crypto users, but also by a lot of people who are not familiar with crypto industry.

2. Decentralizing websites

The MNS function of decentralizing websites help the Aptos ecosystem widely spread into a huge number of users on the Internet. Websites will be more censorship-resistant, more privacy-protected, and more secure.

MNS names is going to be used as website domains. You can host your website on IPFS using MNS name like “aptoslabs.move” as a website URL. This is a fully decentralized website ,and this architecture of our naming system can solve many problems that the traditional DNS system currently has.

The first problem is censorship. Around the world, websites are being increasingly censored and banned from the internet. For instance, journalistic websites that speak up against existing regimes are banned in several countries. Similarly, several users are denied access to social media, and some other sites. These censorship that traditional DNS enables is a major threat to freedom of information and expression.
On the other hand, MNS domains point to a distributed registry. Since there is no central data location, it’s impossible to censor MNS domains. Only the website owner can control MNS domain and the website itself.

The second problem of traditional DNS is espionage and privacy breach. By analyzing the user’s interactions with DNS servers, authorities can monitor their browsing activities.
MNS domains enhance the privacy. Espionage is theoretically impossible with MNS domains since interactions are P2P and encrypted.

The third problem is security concerns of DNS attacks. The traditional DNS architecture is prone to attacks like DNS poisoning. In DNS poisoning, attackers falsify the data of a DNS server. Consequently, users are directed to a fake website instead of the real one. This could lead to massive losses. On the other hand, MNS domains are not controlled by a single entity like traditional DNS domains are, so it’s much more secure and resistant to cyber attacks.

These three features of MNS domains can make traditional websites more decentralized. And when the Aptos is used by people around the world who use websites in this way, the Aptos will become a truly widespread blockchain. Furthermore, we can say that systems like website, which is used everyday by a huge number of users, is a very good match for the Aptos chain, which is inexpensive, very fast, and highly secure.

3. Letting the entire Move ecosystem flourish, and increase the number of Move developers

MNS is going to accomplish the above two things (1. Mapping Human-readable names to the Aptos address & 2. Decentralizing websites) on the Aptos chain first, and then expand to other blockchains on the move language.
This is because we believe that its expanding will allow us to increase the presence of the Aptos. It will also lead to the spread of the Move language itself and this will directly lead to the prosperity of the Aptos. However, at this point we do not yet have a clear vision of what would be a usefull ID for the entire Move ecosystem as we clearly see both of the above 1 & 2. Therefore, we would like to ask the forum participants to discuss about ideas on how we can create MNS to contribute to the expansion of the Aptos and the entire Move ecosystem, and how we can deliver greater value to the users. We look forward to hearing from you.

:rocket:Milestones with Deliverables + Timeline

【Milestone1: 2022 September】

  • Devnet launch. Users can mint MNS name NFTs on devnet.

developing right now!

【Milestone2: When Aptos mainnet release】

  • Our service gets available on the mainnet, too. Users can mint name NFTs there.

【Milestone3: 2022 Q4 & 2023 Q1】

  • MNS names can be used as decentralized domains to host websites on IPFS.
  • Create sub-domain function

【Milestone4: 2023 Q2】

  • Dao implement and Dao release

【Milestone5: 2023 Q3~】

  • Spread MNS into other Move-lang chains

:rocket:Team: Skills, Experience & Motivation


Role: Lead of Content, Researcher, Social manager

For more than 2 years, I actively participate in crypto projects and communities, and am highly knowledgeable about crypto projects.
Prior to joining the crypto industry, I have ran two businesses in Japan, a web-systems production company and a fitness gym company, and I have a lot of experience managing teams as a CEO and also as a product manager.

Management of team and organization, programming, design production using Photoshop.

When running traditional companies, I strongly felt that the cost of mutual trust in traditional business world is very high, and there were many problems and costs associated with trust-based business. For example, when hiring someone, I have spent a lot of time to know whether the person’s background and qualifications were truly trustworthy. In addition, I was often confused by centralized organizations in my business. So, I believe that reducing those costs would make business smoother and would allow participants to enjoy more benefits. That’s why I joined crypto industry, and I am strongly attracted to it.
Now, I am strongly impressed by the potential of the Aptos (it is inexpensive, fast, very secure, and very focused on scalability, which means that it could become a blockchain used by a billion people). At the same time, I am strongly attracted to the excellence of the Move language (security, verifiability of Move Prover, etc) and I want to work for the prosperity of the Aptos chain and for the spread of the Move language. The spread of the Move language will increase the number of developers familiar with Move ,and it will directly lead to the evolution of the Aptos chain itself. That is why I started MNS.


Role: Lead of Development, designer

6 years of development experience. For the first 5 years I have developed mobile apps by Ruby on Rails, React and React Native. I joined the web3 industry last year, and at first I learned Solidity, and I have been passionately writing the Move language for a few months.

I am mostly enthusiastic about Aptos allowing developers to focus more on improving the UX(user experience) of their services. Before I joined the crypto industry, I primarily developed and designed mobile apps in web2 industry, I was always passionate about improving UX by standing from the user’s point of view. Later, I started to use blockchain services and to develop with Solidity, but I felt that a lot of time needs to be spent on areas other than improving the UX. In other words, there is too much work to be done in order to keep things secure and to reduce computing resources.
Then, I encountered the Aptos, which extremely excited me. As I got to know more about the Aptos, I realized that it could provide a high level of UX with its feature, high throughput and low latency, and that the move language would ensure safety.
From this point on, I became enthusiastic about the Aptos. Aptos and Move are perfectly a revolution. Developers can develop applications with less effort than ever before when developing on the Aptos, so they can spend their more time improving their UX. I believe from my own experience that these features will lead the Aptos to mass adoption.
I would like to create a large and flexible innovation in the Aptos chain that will gently bridge the disconnect between web2 and web3.

:rocket:Technical Architecture Overview

MNS name mint:

The first function of the MNS (coming soon on devnet) is minting MNS name NFT. Users can get any name they want. For example, if I want to get the name “oliver.move” and “oliver.move” has not yet been acquired by anyone else, I can mint “oliver.move” to my own Aptos wallet.


As long as my “oliver.move” is managed within my wallet, I should be able to use the name in other Aptos projects. For example, if another Aptos user wants to send token to me, they can send it to my address by typing “oliver.move” as the recipient in the wallet. Also, my name should be able to be used as my account name in DeFi services, blockchain games, and other apps on the Aptos.
That is why we are currently working on our integration API development so that MNS will be actively integrated with other Aptos projects in this way above. We will continue to improve the integration API after its release to make it developer-friendly and easy to use.

Website Domain:

In 2022 Q4 and 2023 Q1, we will make the MNS name available as a website domain. For this purpose, we will add a function in MNS to allow hosting a website on IPFS as the storage with MNS name as the decentralized domain.

Subdomain function:

Also in 2022 Q4 and 2023 Q1, we will create subdomain function of the MNS name that can be used in other Aptos projects or on hosting websites.

:rocket:Key Risks & Challenges

Our first challenge is to perfectly create the system shown in the architecture section above. We are looking for Move developers and designers who want to develop with us.

MNS is also looking to expand the ecosystem of the Aptos and the Move language. Beyond the milestones of our project, no matter how much we think, we can never think too much about how we expand the ecosystems, and how we fully contribute to the Aptos chain. In other words, this is the most important point that we should pursue. We are very open to discussions on this topic, and we welcome people who wants to join us in creating the future of MNS.

Thank you very much for reading! I really appreciate it.

Please follow for more updates.

Our release to the devnet is coming soon. We are also going to create MNS official Discord server in the next few days, and we are considering giving OG roles to those who have helped get the discussion going and to early participants. We will be updating information on Twitter from time to time.


Job well done :slight_smile:

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I am wondering if you will also update information in this forum as well?

I wish this team every success.

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Thank you!!

Thank you!!
I will also update in this forum🚀

Sounds interesting and we will support you in Twitter and in our Website
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Thank you very much for listing MNS in your site!

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We just opened our Discord server.
Join for more updates!


Cool, I’ll add your Discord to our website so our community knows you have a Discord :handshake:


Thank you very much!:handshake:

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I like the idea

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Thank you very much! We’ll make a great project!

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MNS website is now open🚀
Please check it!


Website runs very smoothly!


Well done it shall be supported.


I’m looking forward to this launching. This will be a good one!


This MNS is certainly a game changer. Congratulations guys !

  1. I am wondering if MNS can look into enabling a user to be allowed to either use their names or mobile phone numbers. This numbers could be used directly to call such a user to verify them.
    However, a user on Aptos can only and only have one registered and approved mobile number in the system and it should not be VOIPS number. MNS and Aptos should deny VOIP numbers.

This would make Aptos super human and secure. I maybe crazy :slight_smile:

  1. Security by MNS : Human Readable Approval before Transfer of Funds
    Since MNS says:

As long as my “oliver.move” is managed within my wallet, I should be able to use the name in other Aptos projects. For example, if another Aptos user wants to send token to me, they can send it to my address by typing “oliver.move” as the recipient in the wallet. Also, my name should be able to be used as my account name in DeFi services, blockchain games, and other apps on the Aptos

Here is crazy suggestion for securing funds in Aptos Chain:

MNS would allow an Aptos user to add one or two trusted users of their choice in their account profile settings. These additional users would be called next of kin.

If a user is sending lets say more than $10,000 to another user , their next of kin would be notified by MNS behind the scenes by MNS application.
The next of kin would then ping or text or email the sender with a text message saying " Are you really sending the $10,000 to user xyz???

So if an Aptos user sending the money actually re-affirms or agrees that he is the one sending it, the next of kin would approve the transfer by simply clicking approve else the transfer would be cancelled or aborted.

What problem are we solving?
This would solve the problem in web3 where scammers wipe wallets and Aptos users sending their fund to wrong addresses.

So here are benefits of MNS evaluating and or taking this human authentication idea forward:

  1. Scammers would run away from Aptos for good.
  2. Wiping of wallets would be dead in Aptos
  3. Aptos would be the first to do this in blockchain and in web3.
  4. Aptos users would opt for this would be secured from losing funds to wrong wallets and to scammers.

“olive.move” would be happy too. :slight_smile:

Thanks and cheers guys!
with gratitude
David E
Aptos, East Africa


Thanks for sharing.

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I like the feedback you are giving here.


Its a very good suggestion. I second.