Move language leads to another web3 ecosytem

Move is a programming language developed by Facebook that was created for the purpose of writing smart contracts used in the blockchain space.

It is developed in the Rust language and aims to solve various security issues that may arise in the blockchain field based on the stability and security of Rust.

(Rust is a system programming language developed by Mozilla, and was created for similar purposes to C++. Rust is a programming language with various features such as safety, speed, parallelism, and memory efficiency, with particular emphasis on safety and memory stability. )

It is designed to proactively prevent various errors that can occur when writing smart contracts, and to ensure safe execution of contract code.

Its main features are

  1. Security

The Move language is designed to ensure the security of smart contracts.

Move verifies the stability of contracts through a type system and automatic build/test/deployment, and also ensures the safety of contracts in the runtime environment.

It aims to provide security for blockchain technology to operate safely.

  1. speed

The Move language is implemented in Rust and inherits the speed and stability of Rust.

This allows smart contracts written in Move to run quickly and reliably.

  1. Resource control

The Move language uses a resource control system to efficiently manage resources (coins, tokens, etc.) on the blockchain.

The resource control system provides a way for the owner of a resource to directly control it, unlike the garbage collection method used in other languages.

  1. Generic types

The Move language supports generic types, which can increase code reusability and speed up the development of smart contracts.

  1. Modularity

The Move language provides the ability to write modularised code.

This allows you to modularise the functionality of your smart contract, making your code more readable and maintainable.

  1. software engineering

The Move language is designed by applying software engineering principles.

This enables efficient development and management of smart contracts.
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