Move and Play-to-earn Projects on Aptos

The recent launch of the Aptos blockchain has generated a lot of buzz in the crypto world. As a Layer 1 proof-of-stake blockchain, it promises to deliver faster and cheaper transactions compared to Ethereum, with the ability to process up to 150,000 transactions per second. This has piqued the interest of investors and users alike.

Despite this uncertainty, the Aptos blockchain is still generating a lot of excitement due to its intriguing past and promising features. Only time will tell if the Aptos blockchain will live up to its promise, but for now, it’s definitely a project worth keeping an eye on.

However, one question that remains on many people’s minds is whether the popular Move-to-earn (M2E) and Play-to-earn (P2E) projects will be launched on Aptos ecosystem in the future. These so called games have proven to be successful in other blockchain projects, so it would be interesting to see if they would also be successful in the Aptos ecosystem. If they are added, it would certainly make the platform more accessible and appealing to the average user.

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I’m still watching, the position is quite inetresting, but crypto world has see many susch>
Let;s hope it’s different this time!


I’m wating, I like move to earn