Most powerfull supercomputer in the world

Frontier was built in 2022 by the American multinational information technology company Hewlett Packard Enterprise in collaboration with its subsidiary Cray. It’s the world’s first exascale supercomputer which means it can compute at least one quintillion (10^18) calculations per second.

Frontier has a total of 8,730,112 cores and scores 1.1 EFLOPS (or exaflops) on Linpack benchmark tests. It’s based on the latest HPE Cray EX235a architecture and uses a combination of AMD’s 3rd generation 64-core 2GHz 7A53s CPUs and MI250X GPUs.

Frontier is also the most efficient supercomputer in the world, with a power efficiency rating of 52.23 gigaflops/watt. Each of its 74 computing cabinets weigh about 8,000 pounds (~3.63 tons), and the entire system costs a whopping $600 million in total.