More Aptos airdrop to come? | How to positioned yourself (Getting Badges)

Previously, Aptos Only airdropped about 3% of the total 51% of the tokens meant for the community.

I believe there will be more airdrop, particularly for the active user in this community.
The means could be through getting the Aptos Community Badge.

Here are some of the ways where you can start earning Aptos Community Badge:
. Like this post with a heart
. emoji this post
. quote this post
. share this post via email
. throw any link in the comment
. filled out profile information
. reach trust level 1
. create a new post
. edit this post by adding emoji to it
. drop your post below in replies and i’ll post like it
. use 50 likes in a day

Good luck all and good work!

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Thanks for the post, it’s really helpful

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glad to hear that :angel: