Monthly contests

Monthly contests are a great solution if you want to interact with the audience and have them interact with the project!
Thus, each participant will be able to take part in the life of the project and feel like an integral part of the project. And in this game format, I would like to note that there will also be an educational part that will allow all participants who will take part to tighten or improve their knowledge about the project. And this whole process will allow you to unite them and, moreover, get unforgettable emotions that will allow you to plunge headlong into the project and its ecosystem !

Let’s get to the specifics :

Organizational aspects

  1. Competitions will be held once a month;
  2. Only the 5 best works receive awards. The reward can be either symbolic or conditional a specially created role in discord that will immediately distinguish this user from others ;
  3. The winner is determined by the jury or for a more honest selection by the community itself by means of voting

The first competition with ready-made conditions of participation :
The first competition can be a contest of handmade art, the next one is to prepare a dessert with the participation of the project logo.

What is even more interesting is sports competitions.

To participate, you need to shoot a sports video related to any sport, the Aptos team logo must be mentioned in the video, it can be placed on clothes or be present in the frame, but not just be embedded in the video. Then you need to upload the video to YouTube and share it on social networks like Twitter/Instagram/TikTok.

And thus the project will begin to develop in the media panel, as recently figures were presented in the general chat that clearly showed that a lot of people from the crypto industry do not know about the project.

Also, periodically, all this will be diluted with quizzes that will show the knowledge of the participants regarding the project !

I can take responsibility or just help with it.

** And tell me what you think about it? Everyone 's opinion is very important to me !**


I think that this contest we need in Aptos. We are making friendly community in Aptos and this contest will only unite us =) and also many will enjoy it and get fun


we can cooperate

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Да, это очень хорошие предложения и я думаю что это будет очень полезно для комьюнити.

It 's just super and I 'm impressed with such an interesting idea !

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Thank you, everyone’s opinion is very important to me and I am grateful to you for your attention)

Nice idea, huge opportunities for cooperation.

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The idea looks interesting, I think there will definitely be those who want to participate.

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I love contests and Aptos needs more of them. You are saying:

can you elaborate and provide examples, something more than quzzess?

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Thanks ! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Games, quizzes, contests, a test of knowledge of the project and its community, and so on

Cool idea, competitions always arouse people interest to participate, and, accordingly, further study of the project🚀

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This is a great idea! Such events will lead to increased activity in the community. A lot of people will see the work in social networks, which will make it possible to introduce them to the Aptos project. We all work a lot, which means we sit in front of the computer a lot. It would be cool to run sports contests, come up with something unique.
It would be great to get the project team involved, if most of the community likes the idea.
This should always be done, come up with topics for contests, conditions, deadlines, choose winners, award them. It would be great to have 1 chelenge every month and get more and more people involved. It would be great if the winners were rewarded with roles in the community.

Keep this idea alive, we all need activity + content! :smiling_face: :smiling_face: :smiling_face:

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Thanks ! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Crazy comtent!!!

It’s the really cool idea for this huge community!

thank you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: