Money management

The worst thing you will do when you make money is to spend it anyhow just to show people you have money . I have seen a lot of people who spend millions of naira balling just to impress people who don’t send them , just to impress people who will run when they become Broke .

The fastest way to go back to square one is to spend money lavishly just to show people that you are rich . Listen legend , just pay close attention let me tell you !!! When you make money , use it to make more money , do everything possible to multiply that money .

Some people will spend months in hotel, paying thousands of Naira , just to take pictures and post ,but they have cool home . I’m not saying is not good to take care of yourself but legend , do you have money to maintain this forever ? Is your money enough ?? What if that money finish ???

What is the money code in our present generation , Legend do everything that involves making money . Any opportunity that will add 1$ to you don’t ever fail to do it !!! Keep pride aside , nobody will feed you when you go broke !! I repeat nobody . Hawk your business , let people know what you do and be proud of it :muscle:.

Do you know when you make enough money , a lot of people will know without you even saying it . Only people with inferiority complex oppress others with their money .

ONLY THE LEGEND KNOWS THAT MONEY CAN FINISH :index_pointing_at_the_viewer::index_pointing_at_the_viewer::index_pointing_at_the_viewer::index_pointing_at_the_viewer:


Facts only here


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Real words spoken here ngl


Thanks man for your advice


You are absolutely right


Completely Agree with you mate :+1::handshake: and by the way, if anybody wants to have financial freedom he has to have money management skill because if you do not have this skill you gonna end up at square one even if you have millions of dollars :ok_hand:


This is a money quote and motivation for me . Thanks boss for this

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“A one tenth of what you earn is left to be saved” sounds so simple but this right here keeps one a far distance ahead .

Coined from one of my fav books “The richest man in Babylon”


ye, you are right

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Nice writeup

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Great advice thanks

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Thanks bro for information

Live within your means is simply my take

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