Modhaus: A New Paradigm for K-Pop

World’s first Open Architecture Entertainment company, Modhaus is proud to welcome all fans!

Hello tripleS and Modhaus fans! Modhaus is an EnterTech agency that began its journey in December 2021. Some of you may have been with us from the beginning, while others may have just come across Modhaus for the first time.

Through this article, Modhaus wishes to remind you who we are and what we strive to do.

Modhaus is an unprecedented open architecture K-Pop agency that aims to lead the global music industry.

When talking about K-Pop, leaving out the fans is unthinkable. Without the love and admiration of the fans, no artist could make it on their own. Our team is a firm believer that the role fans play should be acknowledged and empowered. Fans should hold more power over the production of their favorite artists.

Modhaus promises to create a fan-centered entertainment system. We will work tirelessly to ensure that our fans are included across major stages of production through encouragement and active communication.

Now without further ado let’s dive into how Modhaus is creating a fan-participatory system!

K-Pop’s Rise

K-Pop has stormed the global music scene in recent years. With 4th generation groups’ successful rise and active engagement on social media platforms, K-Pop is now being consumed as a category of its own. Even the AMA, or the American Music Awards, has categorized K-Pop as its own genre making it known that K-Pop is a force to be reckoned with.

When talking about how K-Pop rose to prominence, fans played a major influence in the growth of this industry. Fans aren’t mere consumers but are creating a new fandom industry with an estimated $8 billion market size. Also, according to research conducted before the COVID-19 pandemic, the number of K-Pop fandom participants has surpassed 1 million and is ever-growing.

Fan-participatory Idol: Creating a sustainable fandom

With the growing fandom market, various agencies have tried their best to encourage fans’ active participation. But no matter how hard existing players may try, the growth of the fandom industry was born organically by the fans out of their love for the artist. Fans sealed their bond with other members of the fan community by taking their time to voluntarily edit video clips, make merchandise, and more in an endeavor to feel closer to the artist.

Fandoms aren’t just something that the agency can control. It has a life of its own with members seeking to shape and nourish this niche of their own.

So what are we getting at?

Previous fan participation centered around the company’s decisions. Fans contributed by editing existing content provided by the agency, streaming the artist’s songs, and consuming the given materials. With everything determined in the hands of the agency, fans often felt left in the dark due to lack of communication on the agency’s part.

With the role of fans’ being emphasized, major entertainment companies have shown their efforts in limiting the role of the corporate and focusing on artist-fan communication via various fandom platforms. Ties between fans and artists were strengthened through active communication and exclusive content.

Yet fans still feel used as mere pawns of consumption with little to no chances to participate in the decision making process of their artist.

Modhaus will expand the role of fans from mere consumers to decision making producers. Modhaus has held votes regarding the unit member composition of tripleS, main song selection for the upcoming album , and will continue to further broaden the areas of fan participation.

You may ask the importance behind empowering our fans. We believe that through direct participation on behalf of the supporters of our artist, fans and artists can continue to grow together .

2. Heightened transparency

Direct participation isn’t a unique concept in K-Pop. There have been many tournament styled audition programs where fans vote for the debut members of a group.

However, many agencies haven’t been the best at communicating with the fans transparently. This was especially true for one famous Korean idol program’s voting fraud scandal which caused heightened distrust. The show advertised that fans would determine the composition of the debuting members when in reality it was rigged. Fans voiced their utter disbelief and shock upon realizing this.

Furthermore, other than debut member selection fans couldn’t directly influence other agendas. Though they’ve repeatedly voiced wanting more authority, these voices were often neglected.

Modhaus is determined to resolve these problems via a blockchain voting system called “Gravity.” “Gravity” is conducted via Modhaus’ mobile application “COSMO: the origin” and transparently records all votes. We are seeking to expand the scope of agendas in order to encourage fans’ direct contribution in the decision making process.

Fans have proven time and again that they are more than consumers. Far from that, they are talented, passionate, and loyal producers. The growth of the fan industry is living proof of such talent. Therefore, it is only natural that we should give more authority to our fans.

Modhaus would like to introduce a new paradigm for flourishing fandoms.

Developing artists together by empowering our fans, increasing transparency, and building together.

Modhaus has faith in our fans and their decisions. Therefore, we’re driven to create a fan-participatory system through active two-way communication. Hand in hand with our fans we’ll create an idol of all possibilities to truly shake up the entertainment industry.

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About Modhaus

Modhaus is a Web3 project aiming to promote Korean Pop culture via blockchain technology. The company brings fans closer to creators by putting them at the center of the experience. Modhaus seeks to include fans across major stages of production using NFT-powered governance mechanisms.

About tripleS

tripleS is a 24 member K-Pop girl group that uses blockchain technology to enable fans to control various elements of the experience. The fan community has voted to create two subunits of tripleS as well as selecting the main song for the upcoming album to be released Feb 13th, via blockchain voting mechanism.