MintFun and Zora at once πŸ’°

Trying to get two drops from MintFun and Zora at once :moneybag:

MintFun is an aggregator of NFT collections. It is possible to mint NFT on different networks on the same platform. The project is being developed by Context.

:briefcase: Investments: raised $19 million from funds such as Variant Fund, Sam Altman (CEO of Open AI, he invested in Arkham), Dragonfly and others.


Now we have the opportunity to mint the Fundrop Pass, which will allow us to farm points by completing various tasks and participating in NFT mints, including the Zora network. Thus, we can cover two projects at the same time, being active in Zora and MintFun.

:scroll: What to do?

  1. Follow the link, connect a wallet in the Ethereum network and mint your Fundrop Pass (~$3).
  2. Mintim cheap NFTs in Zora, Base, OP, Eth networks on the MintFun platform. Bridge from Eth to Zora or from Bungee.
    On the Zora network: First NFT, Second NFT, you can also search for free ones, we get from 10 to 2,000 points per minute.
  3. Install the Fundrop extension and get 5,000 points.
  4. On the Fundrop page, look for the Goals tab and complete the tasks.
  5. We take our link in the Fundrop Pass section and do the same on multi-accounts.

Deadline 18 August. There is little time left, so I advise you to devote time to the project, even though it requires investments in commissions. The easiest way is to farm points with mint NFT and invitations, Zora network and ETH, the more NFT the more points, since you will have a streak, but you need to split the mints by 2-5 days. NFT can be sold!

Most likely, the points themselves will be converted into project tokens, as was the case with Blur and Akrham, and the drop amounts in these projects were huge. Remember, drops are also a risk, but it’s worth it.


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As the team annoncement, it’s today at 12PM Pacific Time !