Mint Free Dmail NFT Domain!

Dmail Network is an AI-powered decentralized email platform that offers message communication, asset management, data storage, subscriptions & notifications, Web3 marketing, and an AI assistant, empowering users with ownership and control of their data.

partnerships with renowned firms such as :
Amino Capital, OIG VC, Draper Dragon, KuCoin Labs, HG Ventures, Spark Digital Capital, Gate Labs and many more

How to mint your free NFT Domain

  1. Open Dmail
  2. Sign in with Metamask or any other supported wallet
  3. Select ‘PreSale’ From left menu as shown in pic
  4. Free Mint is available for 8-11 characters so choose your desired name
  5. Mint your free NFT domain.

Why you need to do this?

  1. At the very least you can get very cheap transaction fees by sending emails on Zksync-Era mainnet and starknet both are poised for an airdrop in near future.

  2. who knows maybe Dmail announce their own airdrop someday.

  3. Support web3 and switch from tradational email services to decentralized one


I hope it’s still on bro?
Thanks for the info.

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The free domain is not going on anymore, its Now about $6 for the 8-11 character domain name


Lol! Funny people!

I think the free Dmail domain has ended, you have to pay for it now

Just checked again. Still showing “Free mint” as shown in pic

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thanks for good info