Mint a Tevaera Citizen ID

Tevaera is one of the first gamified and decentralized metaverse on zkSync where players can experience, build, monetize, and govern digital islands while trading dynamic NFTs on TevaBazaar marketplace.

:dart: Follow below instruction Step by Step to Mint a Tevaera Citizen ID and earn some karma points.

  • Click ‘Continue with Ethereum’, Metamask will automatically ask for switch network > Sign on wallet.

  • Click ‘Continue to Get Citizen ID

  • Again Connect wallet, Metamask will again ask for switch network.

  • Select any token from list > Click Mint Citizen ID > Confirm transaction on wallet.

  • Congratulation, you Tevaera Citizen ID is mined. Click ‘Play the game now to play game and earn some karma.

  • Skip intro > Select Level 1 > Play.

  • Play game and Earn some Karma, you can later transfer these karma to mainnet.