Middle man discussion

Seems middle man or escrow system is the basic model of every platform. Let’s assume that:

  • Alice has 100 0x01234::CoinA::CoinA
  • Bob has 100 0x01234::CoinB::CoinB

How to create an escrow modules, i mean where should we store resource at midle step.


This is a great scenario for resource accounts. Take a look at AptosFramework::ResourceAccount. You can create a struct with the module as owner/signer that can hold assets in escrow. Similar to PDAs in Solana.


No need for an additional account. Create an escrow module on Alice where she can offer Bob the token and vice-versa. Specifically:

  • Alice or Bob offers
  • Then the other offers
  • At this point the module detects that both has offered and performs the atomic swap by withdrawing from the respective escrow and depositing into the appropriate account.

I’ve understand this scenario

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