METAPIXEL - The premier web3 gaming ecosystem on APTOS!

Hello to all Aptos builders and ecosystem participants :wink:

We are happy to share that METAPIXEL will build a web3 gaming ecosystem with first-class titles that make player-owned economies a reality.

Players will be able to enjoy fun, high-quality web3 games that are indistinguishable visually and gameplay-wise from traditional games, while also benefiting from player ownership of assets. We aim to onboard a mass audience to web3 gaming and Aptos.

The 4 Keys for METAPIXEL’s Ecosystem

1) IP-based Fandom and Open Community

These days, many people first discover a game through streamers, YouTubers and social media content created by gamers just like them. Users choose to consume media specifically tailored to their individual interests and interact with like-minded people. This is why we believe it’s so important to establish communities centered around fans, and the content and voices they generate.

METAPIXEL is working to develop various web3 games utilizing the IPs created by NPIXEL, and we aim to build a global community with the foundation of millions of South Korean and Japanese fans.

This is also why METAPIXEL will aim to develop games of various genres and styles in tandem with our community, creating our own IP universe.

2) Creating Demand through Positive User Experience

Our expert team was responsible for creating Gran Saga, a cross-platform game that reached the #1 spot on mobile download charts in both Korea and Japan.

We have proved that players are eager to play and immerse themselves in our games in the web2 market, and have a thriving business model.

Based on our experience and success in the gaming industry, METAPIXEL is designing games with compelling mechanics and game loops that drive player acquisition, retention, and active participation.

In addition, we are designing our web3 gaming platform with the same level of expertise, providing players with a safe, easily accessible environment for trading NFTs. User experience is currently one of the major onboarding obstacles in web3 gaming and METAPIXEL has the capability to implement technical solutions to these problems.

Web2 users will be able to seamlessly transition into using METAPIXEL, while web3 users will get to enjoy a new level of convenience.

3) NFTs as Game Items & Economic Indicator

In many cases, the implementation of tokens (fungible and non-fungible) in games has been shortsighted and economically imbalanced. We’re taking great care in designing the use of tokens in our ecosystem. Sustainability and real gameplay benefits are our highest priorities.

Important and desirable items in games will take the form of NFTs, and they will be obtainable through involved, non-tedious gameplay. Players can enjoy the actual process of acquiring NFTs instead of grinding mindlessly, and once acquired they can easily trade the NFT with other players or utilize them through gameplay as they please.

With this system, the amount of NFTs minted in our games will be a key indicator of in-game demand, which will be a major factor for the various inter-linked economic systems we have planned.

4) Our Aptos Partnership - Game on!

Aptos’ fast and reliable blockchain technology provides the optimal environment to establish a massive gaming ecosystem. Not only do players seamlessly acquire numerous NFTs during gameplay, but they can store all corresponding metadata on-chain. We believe this is essential for the permanence and trust of digital assets. The low transaction fees also benefit users when they trade their items and perform other actions, which makes the ecosystem more accessible.

Furthermore, the Move programming language used by Aptos supports a high degree of freedom in web3 game programming, helping us implement some nifty features involving NFTs into our games.

This is only the first step on our journey.

As we build the ecosystem we envision, we will continue to share our journey with you, with as much transparency as possible. We are deeply grateful to everyone taking part in this adventure, and hope you stick around to build an amazing community with us.

Will be sharing more to our utmost community what we are building, and trying to here more feedbacks from our community!

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real project or scam?


We need time and check) art is nice


looks like a scam project


I don’t think it’s a shame


I will try :slight_smile:


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yeah with a fake trailer


Hello, you are welcome aboard the Aptos flight. We are so happy to have you in our midst. Sit tight, fasten your seat belt and adhere to the rules, cause we are going on Aptos ride. To the future :clinking_glasses:

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i think METAPIXEL is a good prolect


I’m early adopter now.

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Great project!