Metamask airdrop is over. Why you should not farm Metamask airdrop ?!

This is the most eagerly awaited crypto airdrop, but unfortunately it’s never going to happen.

Rumors of a potential airdrop have been circulating for several months. Of course, all the influencers and newspapers are talking about how to qualify for the Metamask airdrop.
Even I was fooled.
I met a guy at a party who works at Consensys, Metamask’s parent company, and the guy told me it was pure marketing. There were no tokens in the pipeline and he told me there were 2 reasons for that:

  1. they don’t need tokens in their ecosystem
  2. When a company has a token or shares, it is judged on the performance of that token or those shares. Like Tesla, their stock has fallen a lot, but their sales have been growing year after year. And metamask is the same, so why take the risk of being judged on the performance of a token?

In short, metamask’s airdrop is dead, so concentrate on Linea instead.

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Well Tesla raised huge amount of money by getting into Public, therefore their sales increased over times…People who bought Tesla or buying Tesla doesnt care about the stock price at all…on top many of them dont even aware of their share market existance…

Metamask could do same, raise more funds and do more great things…Airdrop is just speculation…wouldnt mind to have some though. LOL

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