MercurySwap - First DeFi 2.0 Stablecoin DEX on Aptos (BetaNet next Month)

Project Overview:

MercurySwap is the first of its kind DeFi 2.0 single-sided Automated Market Maker protocol for Stablecoins on the Aptos blockchain. The best part of MercurySwap is that users don’t need to create LP pairs to provide liquidity but instead deposit a single token (a combination of TokeMak and Curve Fi) thus eliminating the impermanent loss to a bare minimum.

MercuryFi will cater to the long-term progression of growth in the Aptos ecosystem as a more compelling and capital-efficient decentralized exchange for stablecoins than its competitors.


BetaNet is ready and will be open to community incentivized testing next month followed by the NFT marketing campaign and code Audit. Mainnet launch is scheduled to start early next year


MercurySwap is the product developed by Stasis Labs - A registered C-Corp startup from India comprises of 10+ senior blockchain developers who spanned several fortune 500 companies in the past.

Technical Architecture Overview

The product leverages Move language, React JS, Vercel and AWS Cloud. Refer to our Whitepaper for more details about our protocol design, architecture and framework


Discord : MercuryFi


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