# Memecoin trader briefly becomes millionaire off throwaway Elon Musk X gag

A crypto trader turned $10,000 into $1.3 million with a well-timed purchase of the TROLL token after Elon Musk updated his bio to “Chief Troll Officer” on X.

One lucky trader has seemingly turned $10,000 into just over $1 million less than 10 days after purchasing the Troll (TROLL) memecoin just moments after Elon Musk changed his bio on X (formerly Twitter) to “Chief Troll Officer.”

Etherscan data cited by blockchain data provider LookOnChain shows the trader converted a total of 4.3 Ether



— worth approximately $10,000 at the time — into 19 trillion TROLL tokens.

On the same day, the trader sold 9 trillion TROLL tokens to cover their buy-in, holding the remaining 10 trillion tokens, which, at one point, were worth $1.34 million.

The price has fallen since then, but the TROLL stack is still worth a staggering $864,000 at current prices, equating to an 8,540% gain from his initial capital.
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TROLL was initially launched in April 2023 and, like all memecoins, experienced a brief price surge before retracing to near its launch price. That all changed on Jan. 9 when Musk changed his X bio and sent the token surging over 150,000% in three days.
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In 2021, a single well-timed Musk tweet had the power to send his then-favorite memecoin, Dogecoin

, skyrocketing.
It happened again when a non-affiliated memecoin drawing its namesake from Musk’s AI project, dubbed “Grok,” suddenly became one of the largest memecoins in space.

At its peak price of $0.027 on Nov. 13, Grok (GROK) commanded a market capitalization of nearly $200 million, making it one of the largest new memecoins in the current cycle.

Those who came late to the GROK hype were burned after an X post from blockchain sleuth ZachXBT revealed that various social media accounts and websites tied to Grok were repurposed from old projects.


This is crazy fam, people are making it everyday in the crypto space,he must be a good trader.


Wow life-changing money