Meet ‘Dencun.’ Ethereum Developers Are Already Planning

The name Dencum is a portmanteau of two simultaneous upgrades happening on the two main layers of the blockchain. The execution layer, where all protocol rules reside, will undergo the “Cancun” upgrade, while on the consensus layer, which makes sure that blocks are validated, it’s known as “Deneb.”
So developers are cleverly referring to the whole thing as “Dencun”
At the heart of Dencun is EIP 4844, more commonly known as “proto-danksharding.” The proposal aims to scale the blockchain by increasing space for “blobs” of data. The changes are also expected to reduce fees for layer 2 rollups.
Dencun is also expected to include a few other technical upgrades known as EIPs 6780, 6475 and 1153.