Medicinal airdrop

Im a medical dr, interested in airdrops.
Well, i’ll be happy to answer whatever medical related questions you have and how to better your health.

I’m also interested in the Airdrops and others too
@ayoicon18 @ayodejimoon we have to get these airdrops By all means


Great multi tasking

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Medicinal in this amazing project space, I laugh in Chinese.

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Hahaha, that’s funny really.
It’s irony right?

What kind of prescription can you offer to someone who missed out on $aptos, $arb $pepe, $aidoge, and sui allowlist :sob:

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Feel sad and depressed
I’ll airdrop you meds that would make you happy :laughing:

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Damn! That’s cold.

I’ll recommend the person to get Aptos airdrop and a vacation in Ibiza


Lol but true

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Ofcourse. Health is wealth

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@ayoicon18 im as sad as you too

You from Nigeria?

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