Masa binance invested project airdrop

Binance support project :astonished::astonished::astonished:

:trophy:Claim Free @getmasafi SBT NFT to unlock reward in FUTUER🏆

:four_leaf_clover: Mint the SBT NFT + Their referral program is going on

:pushpin:Copy link and go to metamask

:pushpin: Go To here to mint NFT: Masa Green Referral

:pushpin: Submit your name & Email
:pushpin: Connect with your #Metamask wallet
:diamonds: Click on 1m $MASA Referral Program
:diamonds: Mint your SBT NFT on any one of them given chain​:white_check_mark:( use polygon)
:diamonds: Complete the Mobile number Verification

:pushpin:NOTE: This is not free NFT, we have to pay 1$ in terms of Native coin of each chain, Like

I have minted on polygon so i paid 0.95 something $MATC + some Penny gas :white_check_mark:

NFT is now Successfully Minted


Great! I will try it