Martian wallet, sui devnet fauset

Hello, people! II often use Martian wallet, I found the presence of a sui network. Is it like a competitor to Aptos? I wanted to send sui devnet tokens to my wallets, but the faucet is not working. All this is strange. Will there be network integration?


Relax mate. Both Aptos and Sui are projects that are built using Move programming language. We are not competitors rather we are here to compliment each other. Martian Wallet is a wallet on Move ecosystem. Martian wallet is for both Aptos and Sui. Try Airdroping the faucet again. If it refuses to come again, please contact martian wallet on discord. Thank you.


Just test and see. Its good that Aptos have competitor. Same as other things in life, if u dont have anyone who chase u, u start to being lazy :slight_smile: