Martian Wallet:- Possible Airdrop

Here’s how to set yourself up for any upcoming drops if they announce them later on, so you don’t have to live with regret.

Let’s start by downloading the martian wallet to your browser by simply going here: Chrome Web Store and creating your wallet.
Once your wallet has been created, confirm that you are connected to the @SuiNetwork mainnet.

Let’s add some money to your @martian_wallet from any CEX you like. I’m using Binance, for example.

Let’s mint martian NFT using @SuiNetwork now that you have $SUI in your @martian_wallet.

Go here: and connect your martian wallet.
Once your wallet is connected, select “Mint Martian NFT.” and confirm the transaction.
NFT will appear in your martian wallet after the transaction has been approved.
@martian_wallet recently created their first Martian Suia on mainnet! Go here and connect your @martian_wallet and claim your suia.…