Martian wallet gross failure

Martian wallet needs proper code restructuring by its dev as it doesn’t have the ability to detect wrong or in valid phrase. Instead of deploying the invalid phrase error, it creates generates new wallet even if you intentionally swapped words in the phrase.

Let’s make this get to them.


Martian wallet is good project

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no doubt but their error could cost one.

@mbthemes2234 I haven’t noticed these yet :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

hmm :laughing: :thinking: :thinking: :shushing_face:

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I almost ran mad when the wallet I bought. apt domain name started switching address because I forgot that I flipped words when saving phrase


that sucks, and now I heard that they’ve adapted SuI

what ever they want, but we should get the best of service

martin is good imo

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holy moly :melting_face: