Martian wallet error

I use my seed pharse to recover my old wallet, but instead recover it, it create new wallet address. So I cant get acces to my old wallet. My old adress was 0xc60fe0102b43db3b7fe76889c8c2c67cd2a4bab9b484ab140420d93dac9fe591 and now change to 0x77d3d324c9ed8c57dd8430061334d68fab102a06b1fd8e33f0f37479dd0d4d8f. If I cant acces it i will lost my fund and my NFT. Please help me


Use petra wallet.Martian wallet has no Mainnet officially.

They have mainnet. I claimed my airdrop use martian wallet. But somehow i get bug when try to recover my wallet. Is there any solution?