Marketing promotion and development of the Aptos community

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    *Hi! I am a professional employee in the crypto industry. In this blog, I will clearly shows a masterclass from a real professional in community management. Specifically in this blog I will present my suggestions and developments on community development and content management for the further development of Aptos. Usually projects notice my advice and apply it in the promotion of the project! I hope Aptos will not be an exception…
    *Aptos is an incredibly cool and progressive blockchain. Unfortunately, many are not aware of the possibilities and are not interested in the product. In addition, Aptos has a fairly modest community for such a giant project, which is unacceptable and hinders development.
    *I will suggest gradual steps to build a strong community and a cool brand
    *Extensive experience in this field. I have all the necessary skills to achieve the tasks. Motivation to make a cool project noticeable and strong.
    *The risk of being unheard by the founders of the project and going unnoticed

So, let’s get started

The first and most obvious way to develop a community is an ambassador program. I present to you my concept of the ambassador program in Aptos: How to make the best ambassador program in Aptos? | by Alexbelyaev | Jul, 2022 | Medium



Hey, great suggestion.
But there is no plan for ambassador program atm. However anyone can contribute towards project in any possible manner.
But I’m sure there will be multiple Ambassador programs in Aptos ecosystem, like this one: Pontem's Ambassador Program

Let us know about any more questions or ideas :slight_smile:


Great idea. I think Aptos can take some of the ideas from this article and implement them. Why not :grin:

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Great suggestion!

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Superb !!,
Good idea fellow :hugs: :+1:

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Great suggestion! :slight_smile: