Mariia_Ahryzkova validator

My name is Mariia and I am from Ukraine. I am 28 years old.
I have a great experience in:

  • crypto (investing, mining, node operations since 2016) -
    *System administration(Worked in one of the best banks in Ukraine)
  • education people(I teach nodes to people who have bought a subscription from me since 2019)

Languages: English, Russian, Ukrainian, Italian, French, Spanish.
My telegram: @masha_ahryz
My discord: masha_ahryzkova#3732
My twitter: @MariiaAhryzkova
My email:

For me, Aptos a very interesting project, in which I put a lot of effort and constantly follow all the updates. I am ready to devote 6-8 hours a day to this project.

I hope I will be a worthy nominee) Love you, Aptos team!