Many of us are definitely waiting for the Lens airdrop

Many of us are definitely waiting for the Lens airdrop…

  • In the Persian community, the status of some people’s accounts has reached such a level that they are considered among the top 1000 people of Lens; These other friends really have the right to expect the news of Airdrop and Launch Token, and I give them the right because I am also part of the same group, I understand.

  • At the moment, Steny means Funder Lens is launching various projects, such as Wallet or Stablecoin, etc., but personally, I think that there is no need to work on the rest of Steny’s projects for Airdrop Lens, because it does not seem rational at all, when an independent and separate product is the whole filter. He wants to put filters of that model for himself! Personally, I don’t work on the rest of his projects, but you don’t consider this as a criterion for your work and proceed according to your personal strategy.

  • The thing that many people say is that Hype Lens is dormant and now the launch token is not useful. Change your attitude towards hype. How is hype created? with marketing by the project itself; Hype is not created by itself! Go check the price history of the profiles and see how much the price of the profiles has grown and how much the user activity has increased every time Stany tweets for Lens. What can be concluded? Lens, if the market situation is not red, can create a lot of hype with marketing whenever it wants and have a good launch token due to Stany’s connections (Fender Lens)! A simple example is LayerZero, it creates heavy hype every time it wants, and users go to do all the transactions and a lot of new wallets are added.

  • A project that has no cost, mostly getting the profile for free, should not have so many critics. The likes of Linea and Scroll and the rest of the two layers that are forming the nation should be criticized, not a project that is not looking for the user’s pocket. In any case, the force of the community does not reach anyone, but I just wanted to convey that if you spend enough time on Lens, you are sure that you will get an acceptable token and you are just waiting for the launch. Reduce your activity on Lens so that you are less tired and patient. Be strong :slight_smile: focus on the rest of the projects instead. In any case, the token can be launched and airdrops; We all have the right to be upset, be patient, the promised day will finally come…


We move either ways

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i am not involved in lens in any way, too complicated to even get the lens. there are a lot of social ID now… make it complicated for community, community goes

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How do I position myself


good question

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