Major News from Yesterday

:rotating_light: Some Major news from yesterday​:rotating_light:

  • FTX and its debtors seek approval from the U.S. bankruptcy court to sell trust assets, including Grayscale and Bitwise funds valued at $744 million, through an investment adviser. The move is aimed at facilitating dollarized distributions to creditors and ensuring timely sales at the right moment, while minimizing costs and delays.

  • Hong Kong’s SFC is considering permitting retail investors to purchase spot crypto ETFs, aiming to enhance efficiency and customer experience while addressing potential risks. CEO Julia Leung emphasizes the importance of managing risks as the agency embraces innovative technological proposals across various assets.

  • Bitfinex reported a recent minor security breach, which has been resolved. The incident involved unauthorized access to some customer support forms, containing partial and outdated data. The breach was initiated by phishing a support representative with limited permissions, granting access to certain support tools and help desk records.

  • The bankrupt FTX estate recently transferred 750,000 SOL, valued at $30 million, to Binance and Kraken, signaling a potential sale. The move caused SOL’s price to drop by 5% in 24 hours. With a total of $102 million in SOL moved to exchanges, these transactions are anticipated to create selling pressure on the token.

  • Monero’s community crowdfunding wallet experienced a security breach, resulting in the loss of the entire balance of 2,675.73 XMR. The incident occurred on September 1 but was only publicly disclosed on GitHub by Monero developer Luigi on November 2. The source of the breach remains unknown as investigations continue.

  • NFTs were featured on The Simpsons during the Halloween special episode, “Treehouse of Horror 34,” where the show humorously highlighted the overvaluation of on-chain NFTs in the segment titled “Wild Barts Can’t Be Token.”



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