Love Aptos, but don't sleep on Kujira and GSWIFT! (made me whole after Terra)

Hey fam,

Check out GSWIFT (Gamefi) and Kujira (Defi).
Had no hope after Terra and lost so much money.
These teams stepped up, kept their promise and kept building.
Then dropped us new tokens and are now thriving.

Please check them out. They deserve it and so do you…



Alright ser will look into it

Ok no problem

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I will check it out

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Thanks we will do that

wow, great to hear mate! how much do you lost on Terra?

Like 20K bud…

Epic, I am in these…

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Thanks for sharing

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Fam, I promise you, in a year or so, you will comeback to this post and thank me!!!

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Cool, I will look into it

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Don’t fade it fam! Who checked em?

I have sir and very impressed…

Thanks for the info

Pleasure sir…