Looking for cooperation aka Most wanted

Hello Aptos community

Do you have something in mind to create for Aptos community and you need someone to cooperate with for that!? Or are you creating something right now and looking for talented people in the community to create something special for Aptos together!? Well, I’m sure it is.

My suggestion is to create a special topic where contributors and other people who interested in Aptos and want to contribute can find like-minded people to create something together.

It should look like a message board where you can find a team or individuals for existing Aptos-only projects! The same time It may be a place, where people can post their short bio & experience while projects can look for appropriate candidates to join.

Submission examples

For projects or individuals looking for cooperation

  • Name of your current or planning Aptos project
  • Short description of the project
  • Who are you looking for (designer, translator, content creator, and etc.)?
  • Description of the work, tasks, duties, function and responsibilities
  • Team contacts

For individuals looking for projects to join

  • Short bio
  • Experience
  • Description of a project you’d like to join or work/tasks you’re ready to perform

Tend to think that such or similar forum thread can be really useful for all members of our community. Your thoughts, feedback, ideas or suggestions are more than welcome and much appreciated!


Good project! It will help people to get more experience in projects build :slight_smile:

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A good offer that if you start developing, I am sure that you will be supported. I’m sure!

Love the idea

This 100% needed!
It’s great idea to create a topic for that !

Great idea

This will bring value to the ecosystem. Great idea. I can see how it will help get things off of the ground that may not have, otherwise.

Great idea ser

hello everyone.

so happy to take part in aptos community.

looking for people who wanna join my idea. I have huge experience in crypto since 2020

Welcome friend. I’m kinda new here too. You will find a treasure trove of useful info here!

Great idea bro

ok very well

I need two collaboration partners pls. Dm