Login with email

Hi, Aptos team!

Loads of people have the same issue.

Why cant we log in via email if earlier we logged by Discord?
I can only sign up as a new user, but can’t log in via email which I mentioned when submit node form on website for AIT-2,3.
I have email from Aptos airdrop but can’t sign in with that email to claim the drop, could you fix it please?

Thank you.


Hello, you are welcome aboard the Aptos flight. We are so happy to have you in our midst. Sit tight, fasten your seat belt and adhere to the rules, cause we are going on Aptos ride.


I think its from your end. I’m presently logged in with my email.

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Hi can u help me I send Aptos token to private key address how can access this token please solve this problem

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Sorry to say. You’ve lost it. It can’t be retrieved.

good article thank you

You have to try to recover the password and log in, but if you still have problems, write directly to support

i don’t faced this problem