🌐 linkedin flashmob

🫢🏻 Greetings from me! I am glad to be a part of the Aptos community, I appeal to each of you.

:hugs: Let’s make an asset on the Linkedin social network!

:question: Why this is needed:
the Linkedin social network is used by people working in the IT field, audience that is interxed by cryptocurrencies and crypto projects. There are no child, no mothers accounts.

:question: How i decided to make this flashmob?
I’m not a popular person, I have 90 contacts on Linkedin, but thanks to hashtags, my post with a picture about the Aptos project got 651 views.

I invite everyone to join this flash mob and participate!

:grey_exclamation: TASK:
Make a post containing information about the Aptos project, attach a picture.
:grey_exclamation: RULES:
The topic of the post can be absolutely anything, on what topic your post will be - choose for yourself! Your creativity is welcome.
:exclamation: IMPORTANT: ADD HASTAGS #aptos #aptoslabs
You can also add additional hashtags of your choice: #crypto #cryptocurrencies #trading #cryptotrading - there are a lot of hastags for crypto!

for this flashmob you need your personal account on Linkedin:
:globe_with_meridians: https://www.linkedin.com
my post - example: Sign Up | LinkedIn

:grey_exclamation: GOAL:
Increasing the visibility of the project, increasing interest and further increasing the number of the audience and community of the project.

:speech_balloon: Share your posts in the comments, let’s increase the visibility of the Aptos project together!

produced by @web3tyan
Thanks for attention!