Linear Galxe task

after opening link, try to complete as many task as posible. This is a testnet which you have to bridge from different networks from Polygon Mumbai, BSC testnet, Avalanche Fuji and Goerli Eth.

  1. dev-cbridge-v2.netlify .app
    use this link to complete the first two tasks by bridging BUSD and BNB from BSC chain to Linear chain. you can add Linear chain from (, after bridging wait for a couple of hours and try to speed transaction by using the Linear chain.
    use this link to complete HOP, USDC, DAI and GETH task. first mint the faucet in the page and bridge to linear chain as started.
  3. https://
    use this link to bridge any amount of polygon mumbai to Linear chain
  4. test. multichain. org
    use this link to bridge any amount of EURO.e and TUSD from avax network to Linear Network
    use the link below to get faucet
    faucet. avax . network
  5. testnet. jumper. exchange
    use this link for the Jumper section, you can get USDT and UNI tokens from HOP exchange platform in number 2.
    remove the spaces so link is valid
    that’s all and goodluck everyone