Linea Voyage - Social and Entertainment Week #7

Hello fam 📢
Well, I’m ready to open the veil of secrecy a little after 6 hours of completing tasks. It was hard and painstaking work.
I advise you to be patient and study the guide carefully.

Campaign link: Linea Voyage - Social and Entertainment Week! by Linea | Galxe
Mirror blog link: Linea Voyage Update: Explore Linea Partners with Social and Ente… — Linea

:information_source: Guides for week #7: Explore dapps on Linea | Linea

P.s. A little hint for the task “IDriss” :shushing_face:


I’m trying to complete it now but the transactions are so slow! Wouldn’t be surprised if the Linea team extends it a day or two to accommodate.