Life of a web3 guy, with so much family problems, books to read, and finance to work on

2023 has cost me quite alot, from one loss to another, from friends to enemy, from being the good guy to be seen as a bad guy simply because things ain’t as the were before but they not understanding and I am.starting to not give a f**k anymore, what could be the worst that would happen?, Nothing…



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Absolutely nothing my friend. Stay strong, things will definitely turn out to be far better than what you imagined. Life will be great again my friend. Stay positive :mechanical_arm:

:sunglasses thanks for the great piece fren

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Bless up brother♥️

@frank_gmi dgaf* about what they think keep on with your grind mate

Exactly mate

Absolutely nothing. It is better you tried and failed than never trying at all.

it’s really depressing, stay strong mate :hugs: