Life changing oppertunities

About $700,000,000 to be airdropped by @Aptos_Network :airplane:

Earn over $10,000 with NO effort at all!

Don’t miss the life-changing opportunity with this guide :thread::point_down:
I have collected all the possible activities for which you are most likely to be awarded an airdrop.

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Aptos is the 2022 FOMO, distributing a lot of money for NFT minting in the testnet (~$2000 per account).

They’ve only given away a mere 2% of their tokens and the tokenomics indicates that 51% is allocated for rewards.

Check out the activities below to earn the next airdrop👇
Aptos Forum:

Developers are hinting at an airdrop for using their forum.

In addition, your forum level serves as a powerful anti-sybil activity.

All about levels on Aptos Forum👇
There are four levels in total:

:large_blue_circle: Basic
:purple_circle: Member
:red_circle: Regular
:yellow_circle: Leader

You can see your level on the Aptos Forum in the Badges tab.
Basic level:

Get to Trust Level 1 by:

• Entering at least 5 topics
• Reading at least 30 posts
• Spending a total of 10 minutes reading posts
Member Level:

Reach Trust Level 2 by:

• Visiting for 15 days (not sequentially)
• Casting 1 like
• Receiving 1 like
• Replying to 3 different topics
• Entering 20 topics
• Reading 100 posts
• Spending a total of 60 minutes reading posts
Regular level

Reach Trust Level 3 by:

• Visiting at least 50% of the 100 days
• Replying to 10 different non-PM topics
• Viewing 25% of recent topics (max 500)
• Reading 25% of recent posts (max 20k)
• Getting 20 likes and giving 30 likes
• Avoiding more than 5 spam flags
Leader level:

Get to Trust Level 4 by:

• Manual promotion by Aptos staff only

Be active, and sooner or later you will be noticed and given Level 4.


Making swaps.

These platforms are partners of Aptos:

• LiquidSwap
• HippoSpace
• AptosSwap
NFT marketplaces

You can buy cheap NFTs to farm unique transactions in APT.


Aptos Domain:

A domain can become a multiplier at a cost of 1 APT - a huge risk/reward.

Go to aptosnames → Enter the domain you want → Register a domain.

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