Life Changing Airdrops

Airdrops has changed thousands of lives and would still change more

BuildOnBase is one of such projects that has potentials of being the next $0-$5k airdrop. all you’ve to do is to spare 50mins out of your 24hrs

Cost: $0
Time limit: 20mins max
Potential reward: $5k

First, let’s talk about what is BuildOnBase and why you must not miss this testnet tasks.
BuildOnBase is a low-cost secure/developer friendly L2 Blockchain built on the MIT-licensed OP stack.
$Base is supported by coinbase and backed by many other big ventures.

Question now is, how do you position for this airdrop?
Firstly we will need to add goerli network and base goerli network to metamask.

You can do the step by step tasks at

Don’t miss.