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Looking to get involved with @SuiNetwork,

Here’s your one-stop-shop to Sui.io, covering:

:bank:Where to get the $SUI token

:money_with_wings:DeFi Wallets

:convenience_store:NFT marketplaces

:space_invader:NFT Projects


Read on to learn more about #Sui​:point_down::thread:

:bank:Where to get the $SUI token​:bank:

Currently, #SUI is being sold on the following CEXs:





So far, the SUI token is mostly being used for: on-chain governance, staking, and network transactions (and of course, buying NFTs :drooling_face:)


:money_with_wings:DeFi Wallets​:money_with_wings:

Current major web extension wallets:

Sui Wallet & @suiet_wallet

I personally like the UX and functionality of Sui wallet better, so I use that one. You can stake easily on Sui wallet, I haven’t easily found that option on Suiet.

:thread::point_down: NFT Marketplaces

NFT marketplaces :convenience_store:

There are a few marketplaces you can shop for NFTs at, but so far the most active and built out platform I’ve found is @BlueMove_OA

Coming up soon are:


@TopazMarket (is apparently launching a #SUI version soon)


:point_down:NFT Projects

:space_invader:NFT Projects​:space_invader:

The marketplace is officially one day old, not many projects so far, a lot of pixel trash. Expect more to come out over the upcoming months.

Current projects:



Alpha Goat (this one has an incredible FP already)




As the #Sui ecosystem grows, expect lots of liquidity opportunities to be flowing thru these DEXs:






FYI: All support $SUI and $APTOS :busts_in_silhouette:


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