Let's discuss Why doesn't Aptos create an ecosystem Airdrop like Arbitrum?

Hello aptos foundation, I am a representative of the very small aptos community. I am very sad, why can’t we create a larger community like Arbitrum for example? They are big because the Ecosystem is made and designed very well and fast, so is the ecosystem doing Airdrop Claimers for the eligble wallet airdrop $ARB

Why is the ARB Ecosystem growing? because they made a community out of Airdrop .

Let’s vote and forward it to the aptos foundation, let them realize that Coin will be big because there is a community that supports especially airdrops!!!


And I see that on Discord and on forums the community is very quiet…

The big community is from Airdropers not from Investors

I things its good idea if Aptos Fondation will give corelate between NFTs Aptos Zero for claiming another airdrop in any project if there build with Aptos Network ! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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please voted and forward to aptos foundation

Aptos network and work is great! and they have a nice community​:fire::100:


lets discuss now

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@0xfandyyeah Cmon discuse

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